12th February 2017

About Us


2000 – Albaseerah

Albaseerah started in the year 2000, stemming from the need to bring authentic Islam to the people of Bradford. The journey to actualise this vision was originally embarked upon by a few like-minded individuals. From the confined spaces of many a humble abode, the small devoted team worked endlessly to create Islamic awareness through arranging lectures, handing out leaflets, spreading knowledge, and establishing dawah stalls. Now, over 16 years later, by the permission of Allah, this vision has inspired the growth of a whole new community.

2004 – First Salafi Bookstore in the North

In 2004 the premises of a notorious bookmakers in the heart of Manningham was transformed into a vibrant and contemporary Islamic Bookstore totally financed through community donations. All the work was done in house by volunteers to keep the overall costs to a minimum. The total project cost was £25,000.
The Bookstore continued to serve the local and wider community across the North of England, providing a friendly and comfortable environment for people to acquire authentic Islamic literature and advice.

2004 – Eid Prayer

Albaseerah revived an abandoned Prophetic tradition of performing the Eid prayer in an outside open area. The overall objective is to gather all the Muslims of the city in one central location to perform this prayer in order to unite the hearts. Currently the prayers are held in the main city park and attended by several hundred men and women. A light breakfast is served after the prayer which provides an ideal opportunity for the community to greet one another.

2007 – Dawah Centre

As the community started to grow, there arose a need to establish a dedicated base for the many activities and events that were being organised. Acquired in 2007, the centre offered a range of activities including regular Islamic study lessons, Quran & Tajweed lessons and provided separate facilities for both men and women.

2009 Summer School

In the summer of 2009 a small team of dedicated teachers volunteered to take part in The Summer School Program. The first objective was to provide a much needed service to the parents of a growing community. The second objective was to gain insight into how to run a small school. The program was well received with glowing feedback from parents and children alike.

2010 Masjid and School

On the 24th September 2010, by Allah’s Mercy, we completed the purchase of our Masjid and School premise following a worldwide fundraising campaign. It was indeed the greatest achievement in the history of Albaseerah as the world came together to help us in our vision to open a Masjid and school in the heart of Bradford.

2011 – Dawah Centre Closes

Due to the newly acquired Masjid and School building, the dawah centre was closed down in 2011 in order to cut down outgoing costs and focus on the new Masjid building.

2012 – Bookstore Move

In order to focus and build activity around the new masjid it was decided to move the bookshop and rent a building directly adjacent to the masjid.

2013 – Down To Earth Store

A new project to help bring healthy food the community. We have a wide range of products including raw organic milk.

2013 – Albaseerah Quran School

Albaseerah Qur’aan School strives to nurture each child upon sincerity, honesty, respect and confidence in order to become exemplary Muslim role models of society. We endeavour to do this by following the teachings of the Qur’aan and example of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu alayhi wa salam), his companions and the righteous generations that followed.
Please visit http://school.albaseerah.com for more information

2014 – Bookstore Purchase

By the grace of Allah we were blessed with being able to fully purchase the bookstore building.

2014 – Albaseerah Hajj & Umrah

Albaseerah Hajj was established to offer Hajj & Umrah packages. We offer exceptional quality, service & delivery, whilst creating that special & truly amazing friendly environment.
Please visit www.albaseerah.travel for more information

2015 – Albaseerah Community Centre

A new large multi-purpose room to cater for various new activities we are establishing.