SalafiBookstore Bradford

459-461 Great Horton Road
Tel: 01274 501 736


Mon – Fri 10:30AM – 6:30PM
Sat & Sun 11:30AM – 6:30PM

Walhamdulillah, established since 2004, the SalafiBookstore in Bradford is the only place in Bradford that stocks and distributes materials adhering strictly to the Quran and Sunnah. In November 2012 we relocated to a new location on Great Horton road, Bradford 7. The idea was to have the bookshop and Masjid in one location. All praise be to Allah we were able to achieve this.

The bookstore is an open and inviting place where muslims can obtain a wide selection of free material as well as purchase books covering the following topics such as Aqeedah, Manhaj, Tawheed, Seerah, Tafsir and much more. Our aim, by Allaah”s permission, is to provide an outlet where people can access materials that will enable them to become better informed. We invite both muslim and non-muslims to come in and view our materials, which caters for all – including the one wanting to seek knowledge; ranging from the basics of Islaam to detailed issues concerning this Noble Religion.

Or alternatively if you are curious about Islaam and want to access authentic materials that dispel some of the stereotypes and misconceptions associated with Islaam, our doors are open to all who wish to enlighten themselves.

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