Quran School

Albaseerah Quran School

Our vision is to provide our children with a quality Islamic education and nurture a generation who preserve, understand and implement the Qur’aan in every aspect of their lives.

Albaseerah Qur’aan School aims to provide its pupils with a safe and caring environment that fosters and encourages learning, implementation of knowledge as well as developing good morals and manners amongst all its pupils. We will endeavour and strive to ensure all our children attending the Qur’aan school receive an excellent education and are able to learn and develop within a safe Islamic environment.
As educators, both the School and you the parent have a great responsibility and an integral role to play in ensuring the child reaches his/her potential. We therefore encourage the development of a very strong school/parent partnership to ensure this trust is fully met and each child is given the best possible chance to excel and develop.

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For more information about AQS please visit our dedicated website http://www.quraanschool.com/

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